Our Cuisine

Welcome to Hotel Giamaika with its Romagna cuisine

From the plentiful breakfast to the choice of menus for lunch and dinner, your food experience will be extraordinary: you will sample the authentic, genuine, flavoursome dishes of our tradition, and we also pay special attention to food intolerances.

Hotel Giamaika invites you into a paradise of delights that will satisfy your craving for Italian food, quenching your thirst and leaving you satisfied, at all times of the day.

Our hotel in Cesenatico with its Romagna cuisine is the ideal place to sample dishes and recipes made according to our traditions, which are world famous and rich in flavour and history.

If you are looking for a hotel that serves Romagna cuisine, hotel Giamaika is the place for you!

We offer guests a FB basis that from the early hours of the morning provides you with a rich breakfast, directly served at your table, and based on typical, traditional sweet and savoury delights.

Restaurant for lunch and dinner with table service with spacing.

BREAKFAST: BUFFET of sweets and salty products. Coffee and Cappuccinos will be handmade at the bar, without the use of automatic machines. Breakfast is served at the reserved table from 7:30 to 9:30, with large list of sweet and savory choice

LUNCH (Entry possible FROM 12:30 TO 13:00) and DINNER (Entry FROM 19:30 TO 20:00):  every day a choice of meat or fish menus served in the restaurant or on the veranda, with appetizer (buffet of vegetables and salads).

Our cuisine is refined and always plentiful so you will never leave the table wanting more!

Food is always very special to us.
First courses, second meat and fish, plentiful side dishes and typical desserts: at our Hotel in Cesenatico we serve the best recipes of the Romagna cuisine, which are made by our chefs with ingredients that are as genuine as they are flavoursome, and which keep all the characteristics and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, in refined and elegant Italian surroundings.

We pay special attention to children’s needs and always offer menus that are suitable for them.
But mothers can always decide on special menus for their children and agree on different mealtimes if they wish.

The meals that aren’t consumed won’t be detracted, but we can substitute them with a packed lunch that you can take to the beach or on the wonderful excursions that we recommend in the surrounding areas.

Book a room at Hotel Giamaika and take a seat, relax while you sip your favourite cocktail by the swimming pool, letting the sound of the nearby waves regenerate you and our Romagna cuisine satisfy your taste buds!

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